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Questions about membership

Hello everybody,

first off, I hope that didn't start a thread that has been discussed millions of times. If so, please forgive me... I'm new on the AHS forum and I couldn't find this topic.
As a big fan of Ayu I'm thinking about finally becoming a TeamAyu member to show my support and to have the privelege of getting my hands on limited TeamAyu goods, bonus items, etc (especially now that the new mini album TROUBLE is coming out very soon).

My questions: how much would I actually be getting out of this membership while living outside of Japan? Will I be able to buy from the official shop and have it shipped to Germany or are these sales restricted to Japan?

Will the membership magazines be translated and documentaries be dubbed in English?

Oh and one more thing: What can I expect from the "original welcome present selected by ayu"?

Thank you all so much in advance!
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