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Originally Posted by keikeiaznqueen View Post
The Prince of Tennis. XD;

I think the fact that the CDL was on sale on the last two concert venues also played a part. There was a lot of people buying the DVD there after all. Maybe the promotion is also really good?

I think it's also the CM. The CM for the DVD plays on repeat for like an hour before the concert starts as the audience sits in the stadium. It is the perfect way to promote and tell everyone that the DVD is out, don't you think? Also, the CM is rather emotional as Ayu mentions problems with the preparations. That draws interest too.

Another big reason is probably timing. It came out right before the last leg of the tour, and because of the tour, I think people are way more interested in Ayu than usual, I guess.
Well, generally the CDL is usually released sometime in March or April. It looks like they put it on hold for the preparation of ASIA TOUR 2007 [which was released in the timeframe that most CDLs are released in]~

It's strange how the later release has peaked the sales of the CDL.. it'll be interesting to see if avex tries this again, waiting until March 2009 for AT08's release and June 2009 for CDL08-09 [if it happens]~
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