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Short review for everyone! The main setlist is exactly the same as previous concerts. For the first section (forgiveness and evolution), ayu wore the same dress but her hair was tied up in a bun at the back of her head, very elegant imo.

The second section (A Song for XX, Mad World, ever free) was also the same. She went out of tune in ASFXX but ever free was flawless!

The third section (SEASONS, TO BE, hbya), she did not wear the mermaid dress she wore on 21 July. I believe she wore the original dress, with the tiara.

BRILLANTE was the as per previous performances.

For Bold & Delicious, ayu got Kazuma, Koya and Zin to come up with actions for the (yayayaya gagagaga dadadada) part. For the (wowowowo) part, we got ayu to decide on the action. It was fun, but as the song proceeded, the actions were irrelevant lol.

Encore setlist was:

1. New song
3. Boys & Girls
4. a song is born

Before ayu appeared, a video announcing the release of JTB 1 and 3, new album, and new tour was showed. She sang the new song which I remembered the lyrics of the verses started with “hitotsu”. The rest were standard.

I rate her vocals 7/10. She went out of tunes a few times. But overall it was a fun and enjoyable concert! I was lucky to be very near the main stage. That concludes ayu’s 20th anniversary!