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Originally Posted by SunshineSlayer View Post
^Amuro has high digital sales; at least on Recochoku as far as I know. Hero alone is certified for double platinum (500,000 digital sales).

There is something very odd about how Oricon is doing its digital sales chart. I'm sure Ayu's digital sales are more than 856, but in terms of the Oricon chart, I'm sure that's correct because they always show such low digital sales numbers for people, while other places like RIAJ and Billboard seem to report higher; that might just be my impression though. I haven't actually looked up statistics.
Billboard counts everything together - digital sales, streams, radio plays.
Digital sales for albums aren't that good, never were. There are just very few albums certified Gold for 100k of digital sales ever- you can see a list in the RIAJ thread I made in the Asian Music section.

Oricon counts all big digital sales platforms (pure digital sales, no streams, just like RIAJ!)
iTunes alone is making about 60% of all digital sales in Japan, then there's Recochoku with about 20% if I remember correctly and the rest are others.
Ok, saw those numbers last in 2014, but I don't think they have changed that much in terms of distribution.
iTunes has probably even risen higher in numbers after that.

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