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Originally Posted by Andrenekoi View Post
As Corvina said, to sustain another point, she is not our friend, she is a popstar. She doesn't owe us explanations about her though process or about her personal life to a bunch of strangers just because they buy her stuff and demanding that is being entitled.
Being interested in her career and what she has to say about it isn't being entitled. It's being invested. I'm not mad at her for doing x and y, I'm not going on angry Twitter rants, nor do I think she owes us new music. I stated the only thing I would like is to hear from the woman herself because it's such a difference in work ethic and focus for a longer period of time now.

I'm honestly not surprised if people are put off discussing things here if they get people saying "but she's not your friend" and "you're being entitled" for saying you hope for a statement at some point Ayu is definitely an artist and a celebrity and this is my reaction as a fan to this news, in the thread meant to be discussing the news.

You're right that her actions say she wants to tour. I'll keep hoping that an interview or social media post will mention why she wants to extend the TROUBLE tour even longer. I guess we'll agree to disagree on if that shows interest or entitlement.