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Questions regarding very personal things, plastic surgery, religion, etc. will not be addressed as there is no confirmation from Ayumi on any of those things.

How do you write her name in Japanese?
Her given name is written as 濱崎歩 (Hamasaki Ayumi, family name first) (some people call this the "Chinese" way her name is written). [source: あゆろぐ]
However, she uses 浜崎あゆみ regularly for her career as a singer/producer/etc.

Is her last name Hamasaki or Hamazaki?
It is pronounced "Hamasaki" with an "s." Though the last name 浜崎 may be pronounced either way, her family name is "Hamasaki."

I heard her real first name is Kurumi, is that true?
False. "Hamasaki Kurumi" was a stage name that Ayumi used in her pre-Avex days (back when she was a teen idol and struggling actress).

Does Ayumi have a boyfriend?
In 2001, it was discovered that Ayumi was dating Nagase Tomoya of the Johnny's Jimusho band TOKIO. Though there are countless rumors of them either breaking up or getting married, it is generally accepted that they are still dating.
[edit] In a July 13, 2007 TeamAyu correspondance, Ayumi revealed that she broke up with her boyfriend (presumably Nagase Tomoya, though she doesn't mention him by name.)

Does Ayumi have a brother?
No, that was a mistranslation on the part of her HP's English site. She has no siblings. The only family member Ayumi ever mentions is her mother. She was also very fond of her grandmother, who has passed away. Her father left when she was very young.

Does Ayumi speak English?
Since late 2006, Ayu has been studying the English language. She even did part of an interview for CNN Asia in English. However, outside of that taped interview, not much is known about just how much English she can speak, or if she can carry on a conversation with a native English speaker.
[edit] In more recent making of videos, you can see Ayumi conversing in English with fans and her bodyguard.

Is MTRL her clothing line?
Upon visiting the MTRL site and reading materials on the brand, Ayumi's name is not attached to them aside from promoting the items. There is no mention whatsoever about her owning, co-owning, or founding the brand. Early on in the line's conception, Ayumi seemed to have designed some items (such as the denim jacket and mini skirt outfit featured in her "Rainbow" PV). In recent years, she has not promoted the line (aside from wearing shirts in concerts and photo shoots) and does not seem to have as much as an influence in the clothing they sell.
[edit] As of February 2, 2008, MTRL will officially be known as HEAVENARK. The old MTRL URL is still in effect but will only show HEAVENARK brand clothing.

Can Ayumi ride a bike?
For many post-Avex interviews, Ayumi has stated that she cannot ride a bike and on Hey! Hey! Hey! she demonstrated her poor skills. However, in an old Idol video she did as a teenager, she rides a bicycle very well. She has either forgotten how to ride a bike or has been pretending to be unable to ride for the sake of appearing cute.

Who is CREA?
This is Ayu's penname for when she composes songs.

How much school did Ayumi complete?
Ayumi is a high school drop-out. She quit school when she was 15 years old.

Who are her body doubles?
There are two to public knowledge: Atsuko "Minori" Kubota and Takami "Poroko" Desaki. They are generally used as stand-ins for PV's, CM's and photoshoots.

Does Ayumi play any instruments?
In the past, it has been said that she studied piano and learned some guitar but no one knows to what extent. There's been no mention of anything for a few years. There are no clips of her playing either instrument.

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