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What a shit show the Swedish postal service is! The 15th of September I got a notification that I had to pay VAT/customs on the package from CDJapan. The thing is, they had calculated things wrong. They mixed up Japanese Yen and Swedish Kronor when they did the calculations. So it ended up costing me 3 times as much as the real cost. I called them a bunch of times. They said they need to redo the calculation and let things go through their systems once more. Even gotten an email where they said "Your package will not be sent back".

So today, I check the status of everything... "Your package is being sent back"... What! If they can't stop the package, then I need to email CDJapan and tell them all of this, that they should resend the package back again. If they charge me for shipping I'll just say to the Swedish postal service to pay me that. So angry at them right now! Sorry for the rant.
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