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Originally Posted by KarenPang View Post
Surprised at TROUBLE 1st day physical CD sales despite the circumstances , let's see how much it will drop in days to come

The supposedly online shop in China that consolidated the purchased copies of TROUBLE online , it's Taobao which's like Ebay

Taobao does not have any physical stores in China , unlike 5music Taiwan

The baidu thread - http://tieba.baidu.com/p/5826962046

I think the baidu users are buying TROUBLE as much as possible digitally , I don't think it's Taobao doing that cos they're just there to facilitate in helping the users buy the songs ?

I don't know though I could be wrong
Yeah, from what I gathered that's a user (?) selling the album for 8 Yuan.
Which is damn cheap and I doubt avex is selling the whole album for that.
It's just strange, would love to know more.

But she seems to be more valued in China than in Japan from the comments I've read.

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