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If anyone would be kind enough to help, I do have a few questions.

I've been a fan since my teen-days (2004/5ish). I've been to Japan many times but this is the first time my location has coincided with a concert, so I scored a ticket in the First Lotterly for the Hiroshima Hall performance on March 31.

I understand that the Hall performances are a bit more minimalist? What sort of show should I expect there? I'm stoked either way, more so just curious.

In terms of goods - are the ones sold online the same as at the concerts, and should I look at heading in earlier to score some? Also - do they take cards (Amex or Visa)? I have a feeling I'll be spending more than I should...

Finally, having read through the thread - I've seen some people say you scan the LivePocket email, others that there will be staff who hand them over at a designated spot?
I went to TGS2019 and they had a foreigner area (which didn't work so well... -_-) and for Foreign visitors we simply showed the QR code and Passport.
Keeping my fingers crossed for some good seats! As I understand it we don't know the seat until we get the ticket...

PS: If anyone else is attending the Hiroshima show I'd be down for a catch up before hand!
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