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Originally Posted by melissalove View Post
So you advocating for the forum to segregate based on differing points
of view from you’re own. Views you don’t agree with, don’t want around and consider them negative enough to be thrown somewhere( worthless). Isn’t what they’re doing to you? The only difference here is, you’re pretending these voices matter to you instead of actively saying they don’t which is what they’re doing?. But hey to each their own. I hope you do, one day heal completely from you’re situation. That you learn that life is both positive and negative and when it isn’t. You can’t just force everyone around you to lose their voice, or get discarded to accommodate for your inner troubles. I wish you the best.
Do you see what happened here?

You stated your opinion, I stated mine. You questioned mine as "projecting" and accused me of saying your opinion was worthless, of trying to silence you. That isn't true, so I asked you to explain your position to try and understand, which you didn't; instead you accused me of silencing you again.

There is no adult discussion or consensus to be had anywhere in this argument, just me getting more confused and you getting, apparently, more annoyed. We haven't convinced each other. We still feel the same way we did before arguing, except now we're also confused and annoyed. It's not your opinions that are worthless, it's this sort of argument that is worthless!

I've explained my feelings honestly. It's all I can do. Thankfully, we can both continue to enjoy AHS. <3

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