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Originally Posted by roxaskh2fm View Post
Quick question.
I've used 5music a couple of times and really like de store. But now when I was finishing the order there was a message that because of the pandemic they were not shipping to 140192 countries. Is this from all Taiwan? I just bought some things from other sites that were sent from HK and China.
Does anyone knows if CCR is shipping worldwide now? Never used it.
This list is posted inside 5music's website if you wish to check out prior to paying for the order

Your country is on the list ie. Brazil ; 巴西

While this list is updated on Taiwan's post office , it was last updated last Dec :


Chia Chia Records do also ship overseas but I do not use their services unlike 5music

I think safe to say both companies are still not able to ship out orders to your country unfortunately :s

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