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Ok, so what did I miss?

the covers....um another VIVI magazine shot?
so the photoshoot for it was done by the same dude who did Moon...no wonder why when I saw those I was like "the same idea for the background light as for Moon...."...lol I must say i'm not very impressed with their artistic capabilities on the artworks XD i believe that I could do better...

and that Je-someone...he's all over the place.... I'm not really fancying this guy, but i hope they won't ruin the song because I love blossom >_> Oh and someone here suggested Gackt...um as much as I like him...I don't think he would go well with the music XD people would probably think Ayu awent nuts, HOWEVER some "wow no way" decisions would be cool....blegh

Originally Posted by toniayu View Post
why in the cd+dvd covers cut her foot? xD
LOL as far as I know it's the worst thing to do when photographing someone XD

so over all, not really very excited....

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