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When “'A BEST' being, it was the negative enormously”

* 'A BEST' 6 years which are entwined it passed, don't you think? it is.

Hamasaki: It is surprise, don't you think? (laughing). Because me, usually your own tune you do not hear, going back 6 years, ago the fact that it keeps hearing directly fairly well heavy was job.

* Thing of the time comes reading huh the [te] being, it does, the [yo]?

Hamasaki: So so. That occasionally scenery, your own state of the time, reading come huh the [te] vividly, don't you think?. The expectation which you remember without being remembering.

* The chest was painful?

Hamasaki: It is painful, probably will be, but you think it is that is, that unexpectedly was all right. “Already without fail the excessiveness” “absolute lifetime you cannot permit this,” that it combined, thought extremely and there was also a callous as and, image of that that time from forcing, after that not seen, however there was also a callous not to see, when properly you try facing, “that? At all it is all right,” the [tsu] [te] you could think, (laughing).

* Speaking conversely, when so you wanted to think, there is a place that empty 'A BEST 2 - WHITE-' 'A BEST it faced to 2 - BLACK-'?

Hamasaki: The [u] - it is, the all right [tsu] [te] you can think, with however it was not expected, “there is no time,” that “it is painful,” that applying, acquiring the various reason, past by your turns away the eye, the shelf which now should face properly you thought.

* So there was an opportunity which is thought?

Hamasaki: The large kana where it was possible to make the new work which is called to the end 2006, 'Secret'. Being about, that the pulling [tsu] there to be also a new Asian tour which was lowered, you thought as the kana which probably will have making past by your 1 time here.

* '' As for 'Secret A BEST 2 - WHITE-' 'A BEST to 2 - BLACK-' is not completely included, don't you think?. There is a clear reason even there, it is with to do, the [yo]?

Hamasaki: The [u] it is. 'Secret' is thinking that to be enormous it is the special album, for me the [ru] is, don't you think?. Reverse side title in me is “a Reborn” like place.

* Say that the origin it changed?

Hamasaki: Such feeling. Therefore it was not possible to mix with past various the best. Because it was possible, to make that album, past by your you facing properly, perhaps, you could try permitting entirely here don't you think?.

* When 'A BEST' being, it is different completely, it was positive feeling, don't you think? it is.

Hamasaki: When 'A BEST' being, it was the negative enormously. Even, doing from the jacket, don't you think? it is opposed it is, (laughing).

Because before the ■6 year so was best, this time it is to worry it is there are no people of the fan?

Hamasaki: The [u] it is. “Being all right?”The [tsu] [te] you have thought enormously like. Therefore so, this time truly all right, “feeling at rest, don't you think? the [te]” the [tsu] [te] we would like to say. “The fact that I do is [kore] via the work of making the best!”Because it has become the feeling which can be said the [tsu] [te], with pride properly.

“Last year by your you becoming one person, has been about probably to make the time when you think”

* 'A BEST 2 - WHITE-' 'A BEST when talking 2 - BLACK-', 'the [tsu] lever where Secret' becomes key point, means that 2006 it was very important year for ayu, don't you think?.

Hamasaki: Don't you think? so is. Last year you thought various thing that newly the paragraph you want, don't you think? is. For that you break ones to that and must be it is not? The [bu] [tsu] it keeps breaking applying from somewhere, you thought of thing, first, don't you think?.

* When until now is, before thinking, you act and it was there is no about the [chi] [ya] [u] way?

Hamasaki: The [u] it is (laughing). Temporarily, to do you must be, because the circumstance [tsu] [te] it was you say, don't you think?. So last year, by your you becoming just a little one person, has been about probably to make the time when you think.

* There was a longest tour in Hamasaki walking history you think that and, also release was usual pace, but it is a little enough time was possible kana?

Hamasaki: Of course, time of the [ri] which ten Paris is sown fairly well met in large quantity, but it is, laughing), the [ho] and others, the fact that the work [tsu] [te] we would like to do” ““you must be, there is thing” there is no?

* Don't you think? so is. When it is ayu, it was for example to aim toward prize race/lace and/or the [tsu] [te] “it must be you say, thing” it was kana?

Hamasaki: Directing to end of year, when you do not think of such and become the [te] good, you say, or that your own music you can be honest simply in by your, it is certain to can be such state.

* But as for prize race/lace one example in any case from “you must be, being a little released thing”, they were 1 years which can designate centralization as yourself don't you think? it is.

Hamasaki: So so. Causing also with the fact that you think, with that, the [bu] [tsu] it keeps breaking from somewhere of, breaking really and making, breaking, making, it was possible also to continue to do the fact that you say it is, don't you think?. Even if so when it does, to about fall, by his! With that completes to the point of thinking and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] is. So, when it does, it stops wanting to rush, the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] (laughing).

“Resetting everything to intactness, you do not give, however, it alleviates time”

* At the beginning the mini- album it was announced, because 'Secret' having become the urgent sewer full album accelerated, to fall your own agreement saying, was?

Hamasaki: So being (laughing). Also tune is possible the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te], “this, would like to insert all the way and simply entirely” it became with the [tsu] lever. Don't you think? perhaps, the [bu] [tsu] that mini- album “there must be midst when you break, perhaps, it has entered into the category of thing”. To unnoticed changing “that would like to doing”, it was the feeling that the nature also we would like to writing kept being born.

* As for the language of that work, crossing even truth, you think as the [ru].

Hamasaki: It is delightful! Making, [ru] midst, “there is no [atashi] and a [yaba] [ku]?”The [tsu] [te] the extent condition which is thought was good. So, finally the [tsu] it came and as said, it became enormously the special work, it is, don't you think?.

* Because on end of year it became urgent sewer full, it did not collect materials with that timing almost with to do, the [yo]. Because so, it was the work which has power enormously, you think that without fail there is something.

Hamasaki: [huhuhutsu].

* Because there was that, don't you think? 'A BEST 2 - WHITE-' 'A BEST it is the case that it is 2 - BLACK-' it is.

Hamasaki: Don't you think? so is. This time making the best, as for thinking keenly, becoming the time [tsu] [te] enormous, the thing kana which you say.

* If also what “is already thought the excessiveness without fail”, now “it is what, in the sense that the all right it is” [tsu] [te] you can think?

Hamasaki: The [u] it is. Solving everything, however there is no reason which you reset to intactness, it alleviates various thing securely, you thought that is. So when thinking, as that the people who hear the same thing, should have felt in the respective life, you thought that is. Making this best because of that, you say that it could have those like the conviction that the [ru] it is?

* The hearing hand just remembers the occurrence of former times through the song of the Hamasaki walking not to be, getting over there unnoticed, it is the case that you become aware in [ru] by his being don't you think?.

Hamasaki: So when should have been, thinking that is, the [ru].

“The album as for making white and black, expression concerning your own two surface characteristics”

* The latest best as for dividing into “BLACK” and “WHITE”?

Hamasaki: Because that simply in 1 reached a quantity which does not finish to enter. The beginning when it starts job not to be thought the [te], was the intention of storing to 1 even in something. So, 6 year [tsu] [te] what you say was rather long date, (laughing). Of course, there being a reason of my appearance, distributing tune, it enters, but it is as for [bu] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [ke] there please do not make excessively the air.

* Concerning the jacket photograph?

Hamasaki: This time it does not cry, is, (laughing). But white and another color which the black [tsu] [te] clear it is also the almost same color like place it is being, it does, the [yo]. While thinking of such a thing, the kana which it will try expressing concerning your own two surface characteristics.

* For example what kind of?

Hamasaki: By your works our of private you understanding, it is different and ......With the [tsu] extremely adult whom I do, do [tsu] extremely [atama] which does my own thing being good, that the [tsu] which is done extremely it is foolish thinking, the [ru], it is the [tsu] extremely child who is done also thinking, (laughing) of the [ru]. Such a part coming out, the [ru] it is the kana which is not.

* The extent which becomes! Don't you think? also the Asian tour which is long-term conception finally actualizes.

Hamasaki: The [u] it is. To be enormous it has enjoyed. Therefore the reason which goes into the country where culture and rule are different, with that it being possible, with this the fact that it is not possible coming out the large quantity, you have fought in various ways in preparation. So, contents of the performance which is done in Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Japan basically completely the same.

* The same production and the same set list [tsu] lever?

Hamasaki: So. Thinking that makes at same ones look very it is important the [ru]. The reason which appears in this tour in order to convey the thing which is not “Japan and Asia and” therefore the [te], “as for Asia one” [tsu] [te] it says.

* 'A BEST 2 - WHITE-' 'A BEST with 2 - BLACK-' the past is cleared off, the present time is expressed 'with Secret', that the pulling [tsu] with the tour which was lowered future is visible and rivals don't you think? is.

Hamasaki: The [u] it is. Persevering it increases!

(Interview sentence/Miho Fujii)
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