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AHS Food Photography Challenge 2009 Voting

Please read through the following guidelines carefully before voting:

  1. This poll will be open for 7 days from the date it is posted.

  1. The first place winner of the poll will receive their choice of any Ayumi Hamasaki CD in stock at YesAsia.

Disclaimers and Rules
  1. The voting should be based on the merits of the work only, and not on the person who made it. If you entered this contest DO NOT do anything to identify your work during the voting. This means that if someone has a question about your entry you will have to wait until after the contest is over to answer it.
  2. The creator of each entry will be revealed after the poll is closed.
  3. DO NOT CHEAT. The staff will disqualify any vote that looks suspicious for any reason. If we believe a contest entrant is cheating, his/her entry will be removed, and he/she will not participate in the contest anymore.
  4. AHS's decision shall be final and appeals shall not be entertained.

Respect the participants by viewing the full image for each entry before voting!

Click on the thumbnails to view the full image.


Entry 01:

Inspire Ayu
Made using:
Gummy fruit
Gummy Hotdogs

For the unhealthy Ayu fanatic!

Entry 02:

For the contest, I made an Ayu Cake!!! It's vanilla cake with white icing to cover it, then colored icing for the picture! The pic is of Ayumi from the Days PV, which is my favorite of her music videos! She's holding chopsticks, and the hiragana above her reads, "Itadakimasu~!", which means, "Thank you for the food~!". The characters beside her read, "Hamasaki Ayumi". This took three hours to make, and it was a lot of fun~! Oh, and the toy leaning up against the cake is a plushie that I made~ She is also Days Ayumi~! This was taken in my kitchen~~~

Entry 03:

- This is a pic-nic set with Ayu's Single "&" as a theme for it.

- The main dish is the disc of "&" made of fried rice(including the blue border) with cheddar cheese; the large "&", the Ayu A, the meatballs, and H are made of pure ground beef.
And there's also a ketchup with mayo dots on it as a sauce for the meatball on toothpick.

- For the dessert, a cake with frosting and colored chocolate candies and marshmallows.

- For the drinks, I serve Ice tea.

Entry 04:

"A" also means abstract, cause it was so hard to decorate the choco springkle on top of the sugar-powder-covered cake to made it look exactly like ayu's 10th anniversary logo.
And i don't have enough time cause i just made exactly a day before deadline, i totally fogot this contest, gosh!!
So, that's it, even though it may look unfinished but i still consider it special.
With colored-choco-balls around the cake i present to you, voters, the "A" 10th Anniversary ayu-choco-cake
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