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Originally Posted by Raiu-Ayu View Post
^maybe it'll make people realise ayu's low sales aren't all to do with people's opinion of her and more a symptom of the Japanese music industry in general.
Until you have to take into account the sales of Namie Amuro and Kana Nishino, one of whom is still selling 120,000 DVDs 20 years into her career.

Sorry, I have to point out that Ayu isn't entirely falling victim to the industry. She clearly doesn't feel she has anything left to prove, and it's shown in her work for awhile. I just wish she would take her career today as serious as she took her career 10 years ago.

Edit: I think it's worth pointing out that A BEST -15th- doing as well as it is should point out that even a little promo by Ayu can go a long way.

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