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Recent Forum Downtime

Hey guys!
As most of you are aware, AHS experienced significant downtime over the past few days. We are finally back on-line and we intend to make a more detailed post about this incident once we gather more information about what happened and why. From the looks of things, the domain name had expired and needed to be renewed. There is only one person who has ownership and control over the domain, and that's AHS's founder, Zef. Rest assured that we mods had no more idea of what was going on than the rest of AHS's users. We had been trying over the past few days to contact Zef so he could resolve this issue, as the mods have no power over the domain and forum administration. Once we know more information, we will share it here with you. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

UPDATE: We now have a social media thread with all of AHS's updated accounts so there will always be places to turn to for info/updates about any issues in the future. Thanks for the input, everyone!

did you imagine this kind of future?

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