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Originally Posted by CeReSu View Post
I'm afraid that Ayu will only sing her greatest hits... again.
Wait and see of course!
Isn't it what everyone expects from anniversary tours? I would be pissed otherwise.

Originally Posted by LacusClyne View Post
Finally!!! Dates are out!

I was already expecting dates for 7th and 8th April, so I'm definitely going. Only thing is, I wonder whether I should stick to what I always do, go Tokyo few days before concert and buy from reseller shop?
Or is it better to join Global TA first and try my luck?

Previously I had gotten block B arena seat for around 6000yen or 2nd floor seats for less than 4000yen, but I'm only bit worried that there will be lesser people selling Ayu's tickets since it's her 20th anniversary which is what most fans are going there for.

Should I take the risk or join TA?
Wow, you were lucky! Usually reseller shops drop their prices this much on the day of the show for leftover tickets. I've never seen such a cheap tickets there. I was lucky enough to buy 30/12 ticket for 4000 yen near arena once.
Saitama super arena is huge, so probably there will be plenty of tickets.
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