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I'll put it here. Not sure if this news deserve new thread

a-nation Best Live Dvd Book 2013-2017
Format :Books (??)
Release Date :26th July 2018
Price(tax incl.) :1,490
18 best performances of super classic everyone knows picked from the last 4 years of the 16 years of "a-nation.

1.May J. / Sunshine Baby!(2014.8.30 tokyo)
2-3.東方神起 / Summer Dream ~ OCEAN(2014.8.30 tokyo)★
4-5.TRF / CRAZY GONNA CRAZY ~ EZ DO DANCE(2014.8.31 tokyo)
6.浜崎あゆみ / BLUE BIRD(2014.8.31 tokyo)★
7.倖田來未 / BE MY BABY(2015.8.22 osaka)
8.Do As Infinity / SUMMER DAYS(2015.8.29 tokyo)
9.Every Little Thing / 出逢った頃のように(2015.8.29 tokyo)
10.SUPER JUNIOR / Mr.Simple(Japanese Ver.)(2015.8.29 tokyo)
11.EXO / Wolf(2015.8.30 tokyo)
12.lol-エルオーエル- / fire!(2016.8.27 tokyo)
13.和楽器バンド / 起死回生(2016.8.27 tokyo)
14.Da-iCE / パラダイブ(2016.8.28 tokyo)
15.三浦大知 / EXCITE(2017.8.26 tokyo)
16.Beverly / I need your love(2017.8.26 tokyo)
17.AAA / 恋音と雨空(2017.8.26 tokyo)★
※ Songs with ★ is included in the full version, while others are digest.


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