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I listened to a few of the remastered songs. I agree with EndoftheWorld. It sounds to me like they did some frequency contouring (shaving off frequencies of some of the instruments to make room for others) which gave the instruments a lot more breathing room, high end stuff such as acoustic guitars and some of the synths are more easily heard in the mix as a result. I'm not sure if I love the extra boosted low end, it feels a little too much to me, at least on the songs I listen to. It's possible that they added an extra layer of reverb to her vocal track, but I have a feeling it was always pretty reverb-y, but the original mixes for a lot of the songs were kind of muddy so the vocals blended in a little more to the instrumentation. Now they've opened up some space and you can hear everything more clearly, it stands out more. I haven't listened to every song yet, so this is a preliminary evaluation based on about 5 or 6 songs, but I generally like how it came out.
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