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This release made me realize that 1. I didn't have And then... or immature in my library because my blasphemous teen self wasn't a fan of either of them and 2. it flowed SO nicely.

Actually, LOVEppears wasn't in my list of top Ayu albums, nor was it an album I go back to at all (Cause I generally favored post-I am..ayu more). But this re-release got me re-analyzing my thought process. Like, I went through each song trying to figure out the differences, and each song got me thinking "Wow, this was really out of it's time" (which is how I started liking And then and immature). The remasters made a lot of the songs more listenable IMO, no matter how big or small. Its def sitting in my top 5 now.

Now, my only major dilemma is should I delete the old LOVEppears album to make room for this or keep it lol. (Also why are the files so damn huge omg.)

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