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Originally Posted by immel View Post
I know you got them when you got there, but I'm still somewhat reluctant. But since you only decided 7 days before you went to Tokyo it would be a bit short to buy them beforehand.
But I'm still not sure what i'll do next year, buy some before I go. As I will probably buy another one when I'm there to go to 2 concerts .
I was actually almost going to go in June this year, but I got that idea out of my head because I had just went 3 weeks on vacation in May, and would need to ask for another week at my work, just a few weeks later. But if it wasn't for that, I would have gone in june already. I was just like you, that you just HAD to go. I had also read on the reviews by others that went already. So now I'm SO going next year . And I'm not unsure of traveling alone (as i"m also going alone to Tokyo end of october), but I may have my best friend who wants to go as well (and also is a fan of Ayumi).
But still, about the tickets, I'll see what happens next year .

And I just bought my flight tickets, and if you wait a bit and not too long you can get a good price. I got some for just 650€ (with Swiss Int. Air Lines). So I will probably only have spent about 1000€ for flight and hotel for 1 week Tokyo, not bad. But then there comes the spending on other stuff ;p
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