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Mystery is gone, I've just read on the booklet

[LOVEppears / appears -20th Anniversary Edition-]

DISC 1 and 3
Mastered by Shigeo Miyamoto

Shigeo Miyamoto has worked recently mastering Do As Infinity and Aikawa Nanase albums.
He previously worked with ayu on mastering MADE IN JAPAN, A ONE and sixxxxxx

DISC 2 and 4
Mastered by Rena Koyanagi (form THE MASTER)

This one is a typo should be from THE MASTER. She used to release a CD series for Avex under the name THE MASTER.
Rena Koyanagi masters mostly Ai Otsuka albums.
She previously worked with ayu on mastering the ayu-mi-x 7 series
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[2020] E-girls, Happiness, SYY & Girlsē at E-girls XX PERFECT LIVE 2011▶︎2020 (Mie, Japan)
[2020] ayumi hamasaki at TROUBLE TOUR 2020 A -Saigo no Trouble- (Saitama, Japan)
[2020] Aikawa Nanase at LIVE TOUR 2020 forbidden (Tokyo, Japan)
[2020] AI at Concert 2020 Baby You Can Cry (Saitama, Japan)
[2020] Ai Otsuka at aio piano vol.7 (Nagoya, Japan)
[2020] Anna Tsuchiya at Birthday Live 2020 (Osaka, Japan)
[2019] BoA, Red Velvet, YURI & HYO at SMTOWN (Santiago, Chile)
[2017] Juice=Juice at LIVE AROUND 2017 ~World Tour~ (Santiago, Chile)
[2017] Anna Tsuchiya at Super Japan Expo (Santiago, Chile)
[2017] Do As Infinity at Anime Friends 2017 (Santiago, Chile)
[2015] Anna Tsuchiya at Super Japan Expo (Santiago, Chile)
[2012] After School & RaNia at Music Bank World Tour (Viņa del Mar, Chile)
[2011] m.o.v.e at Super Japan Expo (Santiago, Chile)
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