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^So you would be interested in our little non-official contest? Yay!

Originally Posted by lilchan View Post
I would actually group tablet work as digital art instead of traditional.
I don't think it would be fair, since you could just have your reference pic as a bottom layer and paint right on top(and theres no way to disprove it). and they have the advantage of always having the perfect color match with eyedropper tool.
I don't know much about tablet drawing but that does sound like an unfair advantage. Yeah, definitely gonna go with Koumori's suggestion on this one. Create a separate category for digital art and perhaps allow those contestants to use PS as well. Solves both problems and puts both digital and traditional drawers on a more level playing field.

Thinking about creating the interest thread sometime this week probably after L releases and we get the PV's because everyone will be focused on that. Any more things y'all think should be addressed?

Thank you, Mirrorcle Heaven*

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