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Next Leveller - this isn't an attack at you, but I feel I should input my two cents!

I'm a working professional illustrator/designer/photographer, and understand all the plagiarism stuff. It's a pain, but completely understandable.

However, let me put it this way - you joined the site because you were an Ayu fan, right?

If you're creative, I'm assuming you'd done artwork/designs based on Ayu, right?

What I don't understand is why you don't consider this a prize.

I think it would be an honour, to create a logo for a website that offers you so much, and for them to consider your work to be good enough to visually represent what it is they do. I've sold my work plenty of times before, and also given the rights to my work away for free, because I think if the cause is good enough, then I'm more than happy to know that my work is being used for something good.

Also, the thousands of members on here, could look at the logo and think "Wow, that's cool" - a thousand people thinking that about something I've done is pretty good payment in my eyes.
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