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Oh, crap, you're right. I forgot the deadline was coming up. We should probably send out some reminders or something...

How are people doing? Do people need more time? I haven't even started my entry.... >_<

And I guess we never got back to any of these questions...hope it's not too late...

Originally Posted by Mintkisses View Post
but I know we're making a logo, but is the logo for the forum or the site. Sorry if it's a dumb question, but at least I'll know XD
It's not for the forum per se. It's for the merchandise, but we could always use it for forum graphics in the future.

Originally Posted by aqua_crystal View Post
Can we use Ayumi's Japanese name in the logo?? Or even just "Ayu"?
No, you can't use Ayu's name as per cafepress rules. And just to be safe, I'd stay clear of "Ayu" too. It's a helluva shame, I know. : /

Originally Posted by lividlillies View Post
^ To add onto that, would one version of her name be safer than another? Ayu releases everything under "浜崎あゆみ", so would "浜崎歩" be a safer option? (Though she does write her name like that occasionally.)
Well, if you wrote 浜崎歩 it wouldn't really be true to her name and would sort of defeat the purpose. I'd actually stay clear of her name in Japanese more than her romaji one, since that's the one Avex would probably search for first (if they did).

BTW, if you guys have any further questions that you feel need to be answered in quick time (for example, no one in this thread has answered it yet), PM me, as I know more about CafePress and our site with them than the other mods.

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