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Ayu was ill in CDL0203, not 0102, wasnt she? In CDL0102, the only parts that appear like playback or a VERY loud backtrack to me are evolution and UNITE! choruses, but I never watched CDL0203, so I cant say.

About micnoise:
I know theres micnoise in decision and mnW at AT08, I think these two are live, I havent heard it in (d)lma though. But the point is that people who actually went to the concert said that there were NO micnoises in the performances of the three songs and on the DVD they suddenly appeared, people think she later added them to make it seem more live(I still think decision and mnW were live though, and maybe a part of (d)lma)
mouth: I know 0.08 is impossible(unless you watch it in slow-mo), with that sentence i wanted to say that the audio is not off in all the file like it was in the first version of PCDL we had.
Youre of course right about her taking a breath, but i was talking about a syllabe starting slightly before her mouth forms it and similar things(you dont really notice it when you watch at normal speed, to me her mouth only seemed "weird" but i couldnt say what exactly was weird, but you notice it when watching it with slow-motion)

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