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Originally Posted by KarenPang View Post
honestly , I don't care about that so much , it's such a minor thing frankly speaking

Most of the time , avex Taiwan will translate the song titles if not even the single/album titles but I don't bother about that

Japan press is costly to me so for me , I pay more emphasis on this as I cannot be buying Japan press for all 30-40 JPop acts I listen/support X.X

I can buy 2-3 copies of a Taiwan pressing of something which's = 1 copy of Japan press :x

You're a student like myself so you should be able to understand my financial situation well
Originally Posted by FIRSTKLAS View Post
If you don't feel 100% confident in buying OS versions because of how they're different from JP versions, my advice to you is to not get them at all. If you're a collector, or thinking of becoming one in the future, it will cost you *more* in the long run to replace OS versions with JP versions if those are what you really want.

It's better to wait for a great deal or save up for what you really want than to spend money on something that you don't.
yeah i know hence my dilemna - I don't mind OS versions, my only concern is if they will translate the song titles to weird chinese titles. If only tw version doesn't do that extra bit. I don't mind paying extra bit since I don't support many artiste, well not consistent support that is so I am still under my music budget for the year - but the FIVE folder looks so nice....

Nevertheless thanks for all the help

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