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Originally Posted by AJFmzk View Post
I think that the acoustics at the venue generally mask some of the faults. I remember writing something here at the time of Okinawa that she sounded ok on the 20th but she was much better on the 19th. I saw a little preview of the chapter 3 and it WAS shocking how hoarse and exhausted she sounded off the board. To me it sounds like venue acoustics and perhaps some chain fx were used to mask some of the imperfections live, which is fine since imho the point was to sound best as possible Live. But the audio wowow used for the live broadcast must've been the raw signal from the mixer chain so you can hear all the flaws. That being said I did enjoy it from Virgin Road to the end, the beginning part just sounds to me like they "fixed" the vocal so much there's no life left.
She definitely sounded better on 19th. I was there and dont remember her sounding so hoarse at all
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