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Originally Posted by Zeke. View Post
I am SELLING 1 TICKET to Tokyo, Saitama April 8th. If there is nobody here who wants it I may cancel the reservation tomorrow (the 25th in Japan). These tickets are through domestic TA so the funds have not been withdrawn yet. This also means you will be notified of the seating location two weeks prior to the show.

(I also have 4 tickets for the April 7th show on reserve, and 3 for the final in Osaka - if you are interested in any of those let me know via email at zekeheling@gmail.com as my PM box is full - I will forfeit them in about 20 hours if there is not enough interest).

On a side note, how easily do you think it would be to recoup the face value of the tickets if I were to present them to a reseller shop?
Quite difficult to get back though, seeing that I always bought 2nd floor tickets for around 3000yen and even Block B/C Arena Seats for around 6000 yen from reseller shops before, the amount you sell off to them gonna be much lower

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