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Originally Posted by attractive nausea View Post
No need to figure anything out, if she wants to tour so bad she just needs to release a new full album with songs that inspire her and make a tour with those news songs being the main attraction. I mean, touring and releasing songs is her WORK, she cant just decide to ditch 50% of her work because she feels like it. Well she can but that is not being a professional to me.
I get you, but I don't fully agree. I think Ayu proves, that one can keep on touring, without releasing a full length album every time. Yet, she does not come over as unprofessional to me, because she gives 1000% into her shows and they look well put together. There are many singers, also Western singers included, who are doing (world) tours, and haven't really put out a new album on the market. Ayu is one of those performers, who can do that. Plus, even though she usually picks the same songs for her setlist - her tours don't look the same to me.

So with figuring out, I was hinting to picking some another theme and make a setlist out of the massive discography she has worked on for like 20 years. I am content with that

What the fork A^3 kind of theme is... who knows!