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Originally Posted by jiarongisme View Post
I think Japan loveeessss ballads. So maybe Ai would totally release something ballad-ish. Or maybe something of a totally different genre. Who knows. Since the LOVE LETTER album is sort of country influenced.
That is true, Ballads usually do sell well in Japan,But she already did like three ballads/mid-tempo songs in a row.
Originally Posted by KarenPang View Post

it's PonPon , Shadae

otsuka doesn't have a song that goes by the name of BonBon , HAHA
LOl oops ! I get it mixed up, because Itunes Japan had it as BonBon, and I was introduced to that song by their preview ... I don't know if they still have it as that or not . Someone on this site also corrected me about it before, but I still get it mixed up HAHA!

This amazing set is all thanks ,to the wonderful AGASHI_ QIAO