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Totally random, but I think the logo looks like the Zelda Triforce LOL.

Whatever I got from the translation on the site, is that even tho you pronounce it as A Cube, Ayu wants to show three different aspects from herself (I have a very bad google translate, so please don't take my word from it, because my Japanese is crap) I don't know why we necessairly have got to read it as A Cube. It shows that many people are confused by it. I read it as The Power of A To The Power Of 3...
(Now I understand this sounds even lamer)

Also the power of 3 indicates the the substance/the capacity of a cube: So I guess Ayu is really trying hard to make sure that this tour is gonna show all the depths, insides and maybe secrets of Ayu's personality...

Maybe this is a big DUH or a big WAT? But yeah... I find it also the weirdest tour name ever.