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Originally Posted by xLuna&1LOVE View Post
Totally random, but I think the logo looks like the Zelda Triforce LOL.

Whatever I got from the translation on the site, is that even tho you pronounce it as A Cube, Ayu wants to show three different aspects from herself (I have a very bad google translate, so please don't take my word from it, because my Japanese is crap) I don't know why we necessairly have got to read it as A Cube. It shows that many people are confused by it. I read it as The Power of A To The Power Of 3...
(Now I understand this sounds even lamer)

Also the power of 3 indicates the the substance/the capacity of a cube: So I guess Ayu is really trying hard to make sure that this tour is gonna show all the depths, insides and maybe secrets of Ayu's personality...

Maybe this is a big DUH or a big WAT? But yeah... I find it also the weirdest tour name ever.
It’s not all about ayu. The fans, the troupe, and of course, ayu herself, they are all part of the “hamasaki ayumi” brand. They are also all of what comes together to make the tour happen. That’s what she’s trying to get out. The power of these three entities coming together to make for one experience. THAT is “A^3.”

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