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Originally Posted by chocopockymaster View Post
lmao this is a reach if Iíve ever seen it; itís been stylized as A^3 since before the logo was unveiled and itís because you canít type superscript on a Japanese keyboard. Switching their region to type out the superscript was too much effort, I guess
Does it matter if it makes sense now though? Originally I was appalled as well but rationality has been brought to this faux pas and I appreciate all that it stands for as it is now. It took a fan to ďfixĒ it which feeds back into the message that it takes 3 entities to mark he success of all that is ďhamasaki ayumi.Ē Additionally, for some reason itís easier to imagine and understand that ^3 is three different entities when stylized that way. Were it A3 then it seems easier to read it as 3 entities/sides/aspects of ayu herself.