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ayu Tweets 28/3/2011

@yuki_Naturally_: You wrote that the whole tour will be rebuilt from scratch… So what happens to the parts which had already been done so far? (;o/
@ayu_19980408: Everyone in the troupe wishes from their hearts for one very important thing, a dream which we want to fulfill in the future. Even now, a new show is being created.

@ryuichi_ta: This year’s tour will be a good show, right? (*^_^*)
@ayu_19980408: Yes, definitely.

@t_a_k_e_chan: ayu, I believe that even if you change a part of the show, it will still be the best entertainment!! ☆ Waiting for the day we get to meet ♪
@ayu_19980408: It’s not just a part, the whole show is to be changed m(_ _)m

@RRC0613: Will the title change? (*^^*)
@ayu_19980408: Yes.

@momoka07: The decision ayu made to create a new show is just too awesome, I have no words. Please make a tour that gives hope to the whole country.
@ayu_19980408: Definitely!!!

@mari4649mari: Wow! If you change everything, will you make it in time for May?
@ayu_19980408: We’ll do it.

translation by Misa-chan

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