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!! : / When I read the title I was hoping this would be about a videoclip or whatever. Now a contest on THAT would be awesome. Basically anyone can open Windows Movie Maker and put some material together, it doesn't need to be all original. Maybe even add a short guide to the contest topic, etc.

Max 1000 words is really short, though... You can hardly write an actual story on that. : / Maybe a short short story.

The formatting is in actual movie scripts format right?
So not like a reading book, etc. If so that really limits the writing down to the point where it just describes actions and nothing more, which is rather boring to write -and- read. But OK.

I think this contest is a really bad idea... Hardly anyone will actually read the entries, I can tell now. The voting will probably come down to who has written the most love or my name's WOMEN scenes with Ayu. Also, writing in a movie script format is tedious work. And this will be harder for people without English as first language. Oh well. @_@; XD

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