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Originally Posted by Aderianu View Post
Any chance this kind of photos to be at the book?

I actually made cover
I actually really like this! I would have loved it if she would have gone in this direction!

Originally Posted by artcika View Post
I agree with everything you said, and no, you don't always need a concept, but for something like compilations it definitely brings in freshness to the release, cuz everything else is recycled. And i know artists get burned out over the years of doing stuff, but i still stand my ground that just because she's not the Ayu from 2004 she doesn't have the creativity in her anymore. I think there's a lot more to it than just her being different - record label, people she works with (same ones over and over, without fresh blood), money, general state of the darn world.. And probably some marketing strategies, too..
On the lighter note though, despite of all of that i think as fans we will always have that bit of helpless hope simmering inside, that's probably what makes quite a few of us come back to check on her. I know that's what drives me lol I AM NOT GIVING UP ON HER
I think this is a good point. People here are always jumping on those of us who are "complaining" and tell us not to come back. But I know that lots of fans are ONLY coming back, especially Japanese fans, because we still believe she can do this. If all of us would be like "fuck this, there isn't anything to expect from her anymore", she wouldn't even sell out halls anymore. Because we believe she is able to amaze us, because we are coming back every damn time, because lots of us are buying her releases even thoug we don't really like them and just for the nostalgia and because we are hanging on to this little hope, she is able to still be Hamasaki Ayumi.
Also, and this I find really sad, people are often like "why did you even expect anything more than this? You should know by now, be grateful she releases anything at all" - which basically says: "She once was a great artist, now she is just a mediocre performer and a has-been and is only able to release a song here and there because no one cares, therefore be glad anyone even cares to release stuff from a mediocre has-been". But I'm really not willing to see her like that. I always loved her because I KNOW she is a great artist and I don't need 5 singles a year to be satisfied. I just need the few releases she has to be Hamasaki Ayumi quality, because I know she has it in her and because I know she is able to amaze me.