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Old 17th May 2023, 12:45 AM
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Originally Posted by ILoveGeniuses View Post
So glad you enjoyed the show. The pictures amd clips I've seen look INCREDIBLE! As I said I've never been even once to Japan. It's still my dream I'm chasing. I know for sure Kuu wouldn't disappoint at all. I really can't wait for the Bluray release. How's the light stick? Is it light weight? Easy to hold for a couple hours? It's about the only merchandise item I haven't bought and was curious about it.

Also, off that topic, in Kuu's song NO TRICKS a lyric says "I can get on your SL drop top". Does anyone know what the "SL" stands for?
I think it is quite heavy to hold, I may have more arm muscle after this tour hahaha

By the way, I like the design which relates to the theme of the tour and light function that can change to 3 styles (red, light green, both)

I don't like any lightstick which is simple and just Geometric shapes.
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