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Old 24th June 2016, 12:51 AM
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Icon for Hire - The 1st Thread | You Can't Kill Us

Icon for Hire is an American rock band from Decatur, Illinois. Formed in 2007, the band's current lineup consists of singer Ariel (mononymous) and guitarist Shawn Jump. They released two EPs independently before signing to Tooth & Nail Records, through which they released their two Billboard-charting albums Scripted in 2011 and Icon for Hire on October 15, 2013.


Position: Vocalist, Songwriter
Full Name: Ariel Bloomer
Birthdate: September 06 1989 (Age: 26)
Birthplace: Sweden
Relationship Status: Engaged or Married to Shawn Jump

Ariel is a Christian and has spoken openly about her faith, though she has frequently asked that her band not be labeled a Christian rock band for fear of alienating non-believers. She is an amateur fashion designer, frequently wearing self-made clothing and selling her own brand, Custom Catastrophes, through the website Etsy.

Postion: Guitarist, Composer
Full Name: Shawn Jump
Brithdate: May 14 1984 (Age: 32)
Birthplace United States
Relationship Status Engaged or Married to Ariel Bloomer
He got his first job when he was 13 years old. He and vocalist Ariel Bloomer formed the band in Illinois in 2007. He was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome in 2009. He performed with Icon for Hire at Vans Warped Tour.

A NOTE FROM TOMOYO As a Kickstarter I want to share this band with the world! Of course I will not be posting their music on AHS as they are an American band, but I urge you that if you love their music, please support them by purchasing their new songs from 2016 on ITUNES!!!


Get Well II / Happy Hurts / Pulse
Release Date: June 23 2016
01 Get Well II
02 Happy Hurts
03 Pulse

You Were Wrong / Supposed to Be / Here We Are
Release Date: April 12 2016
01 You Were Wrong
02 Supposed to Be
03 Here We Are


[1ST EP] Icon for Hire EP
Release Date: January 01 2008
01 Off With Her Head
02 Pernilla
03 Call Me Alive

[2ND EP] The Grey
Release Date: January 01 2009
01 Carried Away
02 Fall Apart
03 The Grey

[1ST ALBUM] Scripted
Release Date: August 23 2011
01 Overture
02 Theater
03 Make a Move
04 Get Well
05 The Grey
06 Off With Her Head
07 Fight
08 Up in Flames
09 Iodine
10 Only a Memory - Originally Released as Pernilla
11 Pieces
12 Fall Apart - Japanese Bonus Track
13 Call Me Alive - Japanese Bonus Track

[2ND ALBUM] Icon for Hire
Release Date: October 15 2013
01 Cynics & Critics
02 Nerves
03 Sugar & Spice
04 Hope of Morning
05 Sorry About Your Parents
06 Pop Culture
07 Watch Me
08 Slow Down
09 Rock and Roll Thugs
10 Think I'm Sick
11 Fix Me
12 Counting on Hearts

[3RD EP] Now You Know
Release Date: August 15 2015
01 Now You Know

01 Make a Move
02 Get Well
03 The Grey
04 Off With Her Head
05 Fight
06 Iodine
07 Pieces
08 Cynics & Critics
09 Sugar & Spice
10 Counting on Hearts
11 Sorry About Your Parents
12 Now You Know


Make a Move - Scripted

Get Well - Scripted

Off With Her Head - Scripted

Now You Know - Now You Know EP


BAM BAM POP! - Now You Know EP

You Were Wrong - You Can't Kill Us

Supposed to Be - You Can't Kill Us

Here We Are - You Can't Kill Us

Get Well II - You Can't Kill Us

Happy Hurts - You Can't Kill Us

Pulse - You Can't Kill Us
Coming Soon...

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Old 24th June 2016, 12:54 AM
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I love this band so much, I wanted to show them to everyone who may not have discovered them! They got a bad rap with Tooth & Nail Records. The band explained that they left the company because they were being bullied and they were being forced to censor themselves. They are now producing their third studio album You Can't Kill Us independently through the help of their fans. Although the Kickstarter funder is over, you can still support them by purchasing their newer songs off Itunes. They have claimed they do not have rights to the first two albums. They are an amazing band and they're lyrics are amazing.
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