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Old 14th June 2019, 04:38 AM
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Oricon Point System Explained

Tried to look through and didn't see anything, so in case you folks aren't sure how the Oricon point system works, read on!

Combined Ranking System (Oricon's explanation; in Japanese)
Points are given based on different metrics:

1 CD or full single/album download: 1 pt
2.5 single song downloads: 1 pt
300 single song streams: 1 pt
1,440 album song streams: 1 pt

Streams does not include Spotify (or any service that allows free use, basically).
According to Oricon, CDs still make up just under 3/4s of sales at 73%, while streams/downloads make up the other 1/4 pretty evenly (streaming at 14%, downloads at 13%) as seen in the first half of 2018.

How did they get these numbers for downloads?

For single sales, Oricon looked at every single in their charts for 2017 (5,503 singles) and averaged the amount of A-sides and coupling tracks. The average amount of new material (excluding instrumentals and remixes/lives) was 2.5 songs per single. Oricon also noted on average, people downloaded the lead track off a single versus the entire bundle/package, thus the need to differentiate “single track DLs” and “full single DLs.”
For example, if Hamasaki Ayumi released H now, chances are most people would only download independent versus downloading all three tracks. Since the average single has 2.5 songs, for every five downloads of independent, she would receive 2 points that can be added to her Combined Ranking total, regardless of the amount of downloads for July 1st and HANABI. That being said, the other songs would still count towards H's total sales.
How did they get these metrics for streaming?

According to Oricon's research, most paid streaming services average 2.1 yen per 1 play. If a single song is (on average) 250 yen, that roughly equals 120 plays. Taking the 2.5 songs per single as mentioned above:
2.5 songs per average single x 120 plays for a DL equivalent = 300 plays for a full single
This is how 300 plays = 1 single chart point.

Similarly for albums, using that same logic and analyzing the 4,482 albums that ranked, the average number of tracks per album was 12.
12 tracks per average album x 120 plays per song for a DL equivalent = 1,440 streams for 1 album chart point

Oricon lists an example at the bottom of the page, so let's take that example and apply Ayu's H to it.

CD Sales: 5,428 singles sold. 1 single = 1 point, therefore she gets 5,428 points here.

Singular Downloads: Assuming independent was downloaded 13,229 times, July 1st 492 times, and HANABI 302 times, this brings her total downloads for single tracks on H to 14,023.
14,023 DLs ÷ 2.5 singular song DLs for one point = 5,610 points.
Bundle/Package Downloads: 125 times. Since the bundle counts the same as a CD single sale (1:1), she gets 125 points.

Streaming: Assuming independent was streamed 847,392 times, July 1st 59,403 times, and HANABI 43,839 times, this brings her total streams for single tracks on H to 950,634.
950,634 streams ÷ 300 streams for one point = 3,169 points.
Adding all the points together (5,428 points from CD sales + 5,610 points from singular song DLs + 125 points from bundle DLs + 3,169 points from streaming), her total for H's combined ranking would be 14,332 points.

Oricon will label what platforms are being included (CD, DL, and/or St) in their Combined Rankings.

The downside to these combined rankings is downloaded songs, even if they're Digital Singles (e.g. Together When...) still use the same formula of 2.5 DLs to 1 point. For example, although Yonezu Kenshi's Umi no yuurei (so far a Digital-only Single) was downloaded 126,715 times (as noted in the week dated June 11th), he still received 50,686 points, placing him fourth in the combined rankings.
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Old 14th June 2019, 07:51 AM
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^ Just to let all of you know, they've been doing this since last December.

So what's the purpose of Oricon's combined rankings after all?
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Old 14th June 2019, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Bigtop View Post
^ Just to let all of you know, they've been doing this since last December.

So what's the purpose of Oricon's combined rankings after all?
Yeah, I was trying to find a publish date on that explanation page to no avail since most of the press releases didn’t include their calculation methods. I didn’t know how the points worked until I found that explanation, so I thought it’d be best to share it for the other (now previously) uninformed people.

From what this blog entry seems to surmise, it was not only to combine the charts (because they can), but most likely to try to give more clout to the digital platforms that Billboard is already doing. The overall decline in CD sales must have also prompted them to figure out how to help out numbers—V6 had gotten number one this past week with just under 100K via CDs only, but a far cry from the numbers we used to see back in the heyday of the forum. Haha. The author surmises three points:

1) The possibility Oricon just wanted to refresh the charts, and decided to do this to retain its clout,
2) The possibility for record companies to keep more detailed track of sales/records as verified by another statistician, and
3) For artists who may do well in one type of sales (e.g. idols in the CD sales, indies and more self-produced artists in the digital/streaming markets), they could retain their records or claim to fame with a number one in the streaming or download charts, and a possible top ten in the combined chart.

They also point out the possibility in Oricon contacting each record company to let them know/get their blessing in combining the charts, but in turn some record companies wanted to ensure CD sales counted for more than digital platforms. Thus even though they’re combined, the digital sales/stream numbers are quite high to equal a singular CD sale.

So in short, no one knows. Haha.
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Old 22nd June 2019, 01:13 PM
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thank you for that explanation
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