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Old 24th November 2009, 05:36 PM
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[Translation]ViVi August 2009 Deji Deji Diary vol 106

ViVi Deji Diary August 2009

[1st page]


The much anticipated “Arena Tour 2009 ~ Next Level” has begun!

This lengthy concert will continue until October.

So what are we going to encounter, how are we going to endure and what will we produce in this journey?

I look forward to that and most of all, see you people in the entire country!

With love,


[Top left, Cyan]

After two continuous live nights at Saitama Super Arena, and now we are off to our next stop, Nagoya!

This picture was taken during my departure at Tokyo JR Station.

I was wearing a "diane" dress, the key chain on my Chanel Bag is TOCOPACIFIC.

And by the way, even it was not shown in the picture, I was wearing Rossi sandals.


This was the scene of Nagoya Station, a lot of people came to see me off. And they were following the rules nicely by lining up properly and so I give full marks for their discipline!

The Nagoya AyuTeam really is energetic everytime I see them.

I will see them again~


Soon we will be leaving for Osaka.

Today I am wearing Alexander McQueen t-shirt and sunglasses. MARC's black, glittery sports shirt matched with CURRENT's "Boyfriend" series denim pants, plus Chanel's rockish handbag.

There were also a lot of friends here waiting for me at Kansai Airport. Thank you very much~

[2nd page]

Here we are leaving for Fukuoka from New Osaka JR Station.

There were also a lot of friends here waiting for me.

Thank you all~~~

Today's mix and match is MARCsunglasses, Alexander McQueen's T-shirt and belt, and 6126's leopard-spot tightpants plus a pair of FENDI shoes.

Yes, we are here at the Komatsu Airport.

The fans here are also very genki nee~~~

I recently fell in love with Lauren Moshi's gray wool hoody shirt and matched with its black T-shirt. The hat is Lucien Pellat Finet.

[3rd page]

Yeah I am fonally now at my hometown, Fukuoka!!

Once we arrived, we came to this restaurant for dinner and some R&R.

Today I wore Lucien Pellat Finet's hat, and Alexander McQueen's scarf.

Plus a black denim biker lether jacket which which I had forgotten where I bought it.

Fukuoka really is warm and friendly!! Now that's what I call Home Power!!

On the next day, I went to have sushi with my band members and dancers and my crew members! Just as we step out of the door, there were people at the front porch of the restaurant and the crowd stretched all the way to the bridge at opposite side!

I was wearing REBECCA TAYLOR's workers' suit and florescent pink wide belt.

Amazed by such a crowd gathered around us, Mr. Nobu's hand-baked cake gave me another good surprise!

Some 500 people sent us off on the day we left at Fukuoka Airport. Thank you everyone! (tears)

I am still wearing my Lucien Pellat Finet's hat, MARC's sunglasses, and on top of Lauren Moshi's tank top was the CURRENT's denim biker outfit, and not to forget pink tight pants, last but not least, BALMAIN sandals for my feet.

Translated by Isaac Hiew

Translated from ViVi August 2009 International Chinese Edition

25/ Nov/ 2009

Please get my permission and give me credit if you want to use this piece of article elsewhere. Thank you
Thanx to -Link- for the lovely sigs! Wrong name tho

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Old 25th November 2009, 04:07 AM
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thanks for the translation! and wow, she gives fashion updates even in Deji Dejis...

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Old 25th November 2009, 04:12 AM
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thanks for this!
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Old 25th November 2009, 11:13 AM
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Thank you Isaac! ^^

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Old 25th November 2009, 03:08 PM
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Old 25th November 2009, 09:45 PM
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Thank you!

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Old 3rd December 2009, 02:29 AM
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thanks for the translation
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