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Old 3rd December 2008, 11:28 PM
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Sure - that was great - thanks for sharing everyone! But didn't you watch closely that there was one artist who was in the last year's edition did not come to this year's edition?

It was Ai Otsuka! I cannot believe why she was not here...(but remember, she's releasing an album on the same day Ayu's single will be released) But isn't it weird that this year's edition was missing Ai-chan? I miss her...(but she's going to be on the next HEY!x3 Music Champ on Monday the 8th - on the same channel as the FNS is - Fuji Television...)
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Old 4th December 2008, 12:20 AM
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the dress remins me of kuu-chan's BC tour mermaid dress abit ^^
Ayu is super flawless and gorgeous there
she really nailed it !!!

BTW did anyone notice that she use only 1 earplug/earphone?
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Old 4th December 2008, 04:00 AM
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she looked beautiful in this *-* i love the seasons acapella~ days was really really good too...and oh-la-la~ i noticed she modified her "A" tattoo...now there's a big heart around it

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Old 4th December 2008, 05:47 AM
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Originally Posted by se7entheaven View Post

BTW did anyone notice that she use only 1 earplug/earphone?
She only needs one, right?
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Old 4th December 2008, 06:02 AM
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Just watched the performance and here is my review.

Pros- Ayu looked very pretty.
- I am liking Days as a song more and more
- Overall I'd say the performance was successful

Cons- She is still doing that annoying habit of cutting notes short. It's not as apparent in Days because the song was recorded that way, but noticeable in Seasons. I'm not sure why she has kept doing this for the past few years because all it does is make her appear out of breath and like she is incapable of holding notes anymore....I really hope thats not the case. I don't think it is the case, I just think its a bad singing habit she has unfortunately picked up and has been using since Jewel. So if her intention with singing accapella was to show people that she still has a good voice, I would say she only half succeeded on that count.

Also, anyone else find it ironic that for several years when she and Tomoya were together she always kept the tattoo hidden but now that they are broken up she shows it freely?

Overall though, this FNS show was weak the last few years were much better than this I felt. There were several sound problems and many of the artists seemed to be having an off vocal day - Ayu ended up giving one of the better performances.

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Old 4th December 2008, 06:17 AM
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I think it was very nice esp Days' opening...it sounded like..I dunno, this very warm feeling then the music BAMS in with this grand feel...very very nice

i think the "Boku no Negai wa"...its quite hard to sing since the front were lower notes then suddenly it jumps to that note...and Ayu really tried her best.. Of course Im not complaining since the rest were perfect..

and yea, i agree with Sunshine, SEASONS..those cutting notes short...sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt..and it worked very well for Days (surprisingly that song has very few vibratos and long notes)
but i dun think its breathlessness...(i was expecting her not to hold throughout the quiet part of the chorus in Days at the end but she still did)

i think she is just singing it differently...like with a more current style haha..
but it was nice

I think this years sounded better than Together When... last year..and she looked better too..
(i LOVE Together When... to death btw)
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