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Old 7th August 2005, 10:18 PM
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Exclamation New Forum: TV/Movie Chat

Fellow Initiates,

Today the staff has added a new forum called the "TV/Movie Chat". This forum, as its name suggests, is for the discussion of television and movie related subjects from news and trailers to discussion and reviews, and the many topics in between.

All threads in the chat room relating to those subjects can now be found in that new forum. Please take note that any future threads on those subjects should be posted in the new forum. We realize this is a significant change and will be patient concerning threads posted in the wrong forum.

Also note that Anime dicussions and Japanese TV/Movie discussions belong in the Anime and Gaming Chat and the new Japan Forum, respectively. If there is any question as to what belongs in that forum, feel free to ask.

Also, there is a set of guidelines that apply to the new forum. Please take a second to review them.

Originally Posted by TV/Movie Chat Guidelines
  1. All spoilers MUST be marked in the thread title. Staff members reserve the right to edit any thread title without notification to include spoiler warnings. Since spoiler warnings are required in thread titles, spoiler space is not required in the thread itself. Please try and avoid posting spoilers in threads that aren't marked as spoiler threads.
    ex. [Spoilers]

  2. Do not post spoilers in the thread title. The thread titles can be seen on many parts of the forum and spoilers in thread titles would be nearly impossible to avoid. Staff members reserve the right to edit any thread title without notification to remove spoilers.

  3. Please try and avoid posting spoilers in threads that aren't marked as spoiler threads. If you do, spoiler sapce is required. If a thread that isn't marked as a spoiler thread later contains unmarked spoilers, please contact a moderator so the situation can be rectified.

  4. Do not post or request illegal copies of television programs or movies.

  5. Do not post links to sites that contain, promote, or give instruction about illegally obtaining television programs or movies.

  6. Though not required, the following tags are suggested for easy navigation:
    [TV] or [Movie] for threads based on main subject.

    [News], [Trailer], [Review], etc. for more specific subjects, along with the aforementioned tag. General discussion can be left unmarked.
  7. Of course, all basic rules outlined here also apply in this forum.
They will remain a sticky at the top of the TV/Movie Chat to be reviewed at any future date. I ask that all discussion regarding those guidelines take place in that sticky thread, thank you.

I am incredibly excited about this new forum as it's for two topics I am very interested in myself. I hope that this is a new addition that you all will enjoy.

Thank you,
AyuRocks and The AHS Staff
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