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Old 9th May 2019, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Lilly View Post
Someone please tell me which song it is.
め組のひと (Megumi no hito) - the song she's covered years ago kind of went viral in 2018 and sorry did not mean to ignore you!

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Old 9th May 2019, 02:38 PM
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The whole Ayu x Koda discussion is so 2005...

Anyways, I always find the whole "Ayu isn't professional cuz she isn't letting us now what to expect/releasing this or that/trying to please the fans" weird and a little ridiculous. There isn't anything unprofessional about not releasing a PV or a full album just because some entitled people feels like your job is the musical analogue to pizza delivery, on the same way this is literally the only fandom I ever saw that believes the artist owes them a schedulle.

Some stuff Ayu did over the years can be considered unprofessional, like missing a tv show due to bad travel planning, but not something like drinking water between songs on a concert or not relasing a PV like I saw people complaining before. Trying out new aesthetics isn't unprofessional either the most some people dislike the fibal result.


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Old 9th May 2019, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Lilly View Post
Someone please tell me which song it is.
Megumi no Hito went viral over the Tik Top app and then also over Line Music, cause zhose are cloaely connected.

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