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Old 13th May 2016, 02:22 PM
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Guidelines: Ayu Music News

No particular rules have been changed for the Ayu Music News forum, but it will be good to consolidate all of our current stickies for this forum into one thread for ease of access and to bring attention back to some important facts for any new members. If anyone has any feedback regarding this information you can PM an active moderator or post in our Suggestions forum.

Regarding Artist Threads & Ayu Threads
As clarified back in 2009, we do prefer all news about other music artists to be kept within their own thread, with the first post kept updated if possible so all fans can be kept up to date. However, since AHS is primarily about Ayu, we get much more traffic for her news than any other artist discussed. With that in mind we do like new threads to be created in this forum for:
  • New release announcements
  • Tracklist information
  • Identity of composers
  • Album/single/DVD cover images
  • Media preview releases
  • New PV/Radio/CD rips (these are to be posted in the downloads sections)
This information can then be gathered or linked to in one 'master thread' for each release. This enables members to discuss each piece of new significant news separately while also allowing for speculation on other parts of a new release.
As also requested in the past, any news reported must be sourced correctly. Direct quotes, links, and shared images must all be given appropriate credit.


Supporting AHS
Many people still ask about how they can support AHS for hosting costs. Although we do not take direct contributions, we do have affiliate links still active with YesAsia as organised by boogieordie in 2002. These links can be found at the bottom right of the homepage for AHS, or you can use these direct links: YesAsia Global / YesAsia USA
As a preemptive clarification, no moderator has personal access to these donations, nor will anyone purchasing through YesAsia be charged extra for using one of these links for their purchases.

Originally Posted by boogieordie
I've added two buttons to the main page for AHS linking to YesAsia Global and YesAsia North America. For each purchase made on YesAsia through those links, AHS will recieve 10% commission. The money earned through commission will help support the costs of our domain name and host. We hope to be able to get more space to host downloads.

We encourage you to use those links if you are buying something from YesAsia, but please don't go out of your way to buy something. We won't push you to buy from YesAsia, only ask that if you are already going to buy there to please use the link.


As a final note, we do urge anyone using this forum to read our Rules & Regulations. This covers what we expect from initiates using AHS and what the moderators reference when reviewing any reports or questionable content.
Thank you for reading!
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