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Old 31st December 2009, 12:43 AM
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Exclamation Re: "Official Threads" and New Releases

The AHS Staff wishes to clarify a few things in regards to threads about Ayu's new releases and Artist Threads. While we appreciate the growing consciousness over wanting to keep AHS clean and organized, the following should be considered when posting new threads in these categories:


New separate threads should be made for:

- New Release announcements.
- Cover releases
- Media preview releases
- New PV/Radio/CD rips (in downloads section)

This is not to say that the official discussion threads are not allowed, but Ayumi Hamasaki is the theme for the forum and all members should be able to check for updates to releases without having to wade through incredibly fast moving threads. "Official threads" are for artists whose names are not in the title of this forum.


These are appreciated, but like above, release news especially for big name bands/artists should be made into separate threads. (ex: Namie's new album PAST < FUTURE release announcement.) This is also already enforced in the guidelines of Artist and Bands section. Please read it.

Overall, we ask members to be courteous of those who come here for Ayu (and possibly general J-pop) news but don't have time to scour hundreds-of-posts-long threads for updates that should be posted separately in the first place. There is no problem with threads that compile all the information and offer general discussion, but just doing the above is greatly appreciated by both the staff and many casual members.

-AHS Staff
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