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Old 11th October 2021, 05:59 PM
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Smile Watch parties?

Hi all,
'New' here (haven't been on the forum for about 15 years - my 'signature' even still had a link to a geocities based fan website I used to make in high school ) after rekindling my love for Ayu the last couple of years.
I was wondering whether anyone here ever does virtual 'watch parties'?
I've recently been enjoying buying second hand Ayu concert DVDs, setting myself up for a night in with some wine, ice cream and Ayu time. Her concerts are such an amazing experience all round - I love them so much.
I've got about 4 DVDs I'm yet to watch (and lots more I'm yet to purchase). So I was wondering whether anyone would ever be interested in watching concerts 'together' virtually, i.e. press play about the same time and have e.g. a WhatsApp or Signal group to chit-chat and share the love as we watch?
Or this could be something we all do when the DVD of Asia Tour comes out or when Ayu does more live streams of past concerts on Youtube?
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts
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Old 12th October 2021, 01:50 PM
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I know people did it on discord. Once I watched live stream on TA it was really fun
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