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Old 8th April 2019, 03:24 AM
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I’m disappointed with the costume change in the beginning. I suspect it was a wardrobe malfunction with the schoolgirl outfit. I really dislike that she reused the blue and black feathery outfit (which again, I’m not keen on the outfit period because she recycled it yet again from a previous tour just with blue instead of white) when she had it in the finale before the encore. She should’ve just whipped out her ‘Microphone’ ballgown and short dress from AT2010 instead if that was the case. That would been amazing to see her perform Duty in. If she’s going to do the recycled costumes, I highly encourage her to do number on stage wear she has a few of her female dancers wearing her most iconic costumes and looks standing on stage together on different areas of the stage and Ayu walking by each of them in her current look as if she’s walking in a museum and honoring her past. She could also put her costumes on display for a temporary (museum) exhibition during one of her shows/tours or as a pop up for a weekend exhibit at an art gallery or something.
Although the show was amazing, I was really saddened by her vocals. She was hoarse for sure. She can still hit some high notes (which she did in some songs in the show) but I feel she’s just performing too much period and wearing out her voice. She needs to rest period. It’s constantly back to back tours lately. She’ll collapse if they keep working her like this.i also noticed that she kept adjusting her ear piece. I think there was also a technical problem going on and could be another reason for the start delay. I’ve noticed that she sounded louder when she was stand at the end of the runway. But yeah her vocal volume seemed pretty quiet along with her backup singer.
Btw, has anyone noticed that Princess Yoko is missing. Did she retire or was this only for A^3?
"I don't have dreams. How can I say it? I myself am a dream..." - Ayu

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