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Originally Posted by Andrenekoi View Post
Its not like a lot of people already don't have the album anyways lol
True that, but it would've been pretty epic if it had hit #1 though.

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Originally Posted by attractive nausea View Post
I hoped that the book and upcoming drama would have the general public buy this remastered version, but it seems that only fans bought it...
It's true, but we still have the drama to go on air, I hope that helps boost sales
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I also think this product is aimed at fans. The general public don't give a f*ck about remixes and PVs...
I also think the general public don't give a f*ck about LOVEppears 20th anniversary too haha.

They just want some gossip.
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Originally Posted by surrealA View Post
are they saying with this album she has the most top 10 album for female artist (52 total)?
is the 1st week sales already finished?
"ayumi hamasaki has reached 9th place in the weekly album chart with the re-issue of an album she first released 20 years ago. "LOVEppears / appears -20th Anniversary Edition-" sold around 6,000 copies last week. Ayumi has appeared in the top 10 album chart 52 times."
Originally Posted by adantatu2 View Post
miwa what are you doing ?
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Don’t forget that it charted only 2 or 3 days not the whole week !

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The album is #6 today on Oricon.
Originally Posted by visionfactory View Post
Not LOVEppears related but A COMPLETE charted in Oricon Top 300 last week

Rank: #288
Week sales: 188 copies sold
Total: 854,601 copies sold
No wonder A COMPLETE was #9 on Recochoku (downloads) in 2018, she's doing good there as well! Here's a little summary of what I found, if you can keep up data with other websites, please do!


Monthly (october)
- #40 A BEST
- #7 LOVEppears
- #26 A BEST -15th anniversary-
Chaku-uta :
- #48 M
Video :
- #39 M

Weekly (11/6~11/12)
- #39 LOVEppears
- #6 LOVEppears
Video :
- #36 M

Daily (11/12)
- #24 A BEST
- #41 LOVEppears
- #2 LOVEppears

And yes, there is a huge discount on A COMPLETE and A BEST, but people are interested as well, which is awesome.
We can see the book's effect on M ranking last month... Very excited about the drama's effect when it'll start airing!

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I was so happy when I saw a new video from Abottchen! I'm glad they did something for the anniversary.
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