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Old 16th March 2021, 02:02 AM
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Since JYJ is no longer a thing, I think he deserves his own thread even though he's not particularly popular around here.
But he has a history with Japanese music and he's been in Ayu's "blossom" video, so i think he fits the part to be on this forum!

KIM JAEJOONG started as part of one of the most influential Korean pop groups TVXQ.
This, quickly made him, and the rest of his group mates, a household name not just over in his home country, but Japan as well, where he was known as HERO.
The group unfortunately broke into two, and he, with other two, ended up forming a trio that were known as JYJ.
However, that one met it's demise (sort of) with all 3 members going fully solo, even though they were active each on their own before it happened.
Jaejoong is not just a charismatic persona, but a talented songwriter, vocalist and actor, who also has a fashion brand of his own - Moldir.
He is also a fairly good friend with Miss Hamasaki herself and appeared in her "blossom" music video back in 2010.

Birth name: Han Jae-Joon (한재준)
Birth date: 26 Jan 1986 (Registered) | 4 February 1986 (Actual) (age 35)
Height: 180cm
Instruments: Vocals, piano

Genres: Pop, R&B, Rock

"Mine" / 2013
"Sign" / "Your Love" / 2018
"Defiance" / 2018
"Brava!! Brava!! Brava!!" / "Ray of Light" / 2020

“I” / January 17, 2013
“WWW”: / October 29, 2013
“NO.X” / February 12, 2016
"Flawless Love" / April 10, 2019
"Love Covers" / September 25, 2019
"Ayo / Love Song" / January 17, 2020
"Love Covers II" / July 29, 2020

Twitter | Instagram

Discography (by Tomoyo)



"Breaking Dawn" - a song composed and produced by HYDE, sung by Jaejoong in 3 languages.
It's an opening piece for an anime series Noblesse.

MV PREVIEW (Japanese version)
(Centering for some reason never works for me on videos i dunno why)

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Old 18th March 2021, 03:39 PM
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Thank you for making this for him. I recently took a trip down memory lane of his solo work and I’m just shocked as to how he hasn’t blown up as a solo artist. It’s so bizarre to me...I wonder if he’s been blackballed by the industry for some reason?
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Old 19th March 2021, 01:42 AM
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^Oh it was my pleasure. I love him, i just thought he deserves it!

I think a lot had to do with the fact that korean TV hadn't had him and two other members, who left TVXQ, on any music TV show for a DECADE, only recently he and Junsu started appearing on TV again. None official said that but everyone knew that SM kind of made a deal with the main TV station to not let them perform. At least that's what the rumours said. And it definitely made it difficult for him to reach new people without being able to promote stuff on TV. Other than that, for the rest of the world? I don't know. Although he does have a decent amount of fans all over and a pretty good following in Japan, all his sales are like 10 times better there than in his homeland. I think he just started with less pop'y vibe when he went solo and people didn't pick up on it as much because it wasn't what's popular at that time and the majority who follows him are probably those from the times when TVXQ were a 5. But he did make it into top 10 over on streaming apps with his albums, even here in my little country he had his WWW there. Which is insane. He's just not popular here on this forum

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Old 30th March 2021, 12:48 AM
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Here's the video! I love how edgy yet colourful it is.

I just wish it wasn't a short version, it's so annoying.

I'm not sure if it's just in my country, but half of his stuff is gone from Spotify, including BREAKING DAWN. T_T

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Old 31st March 2021, 12:53 PM
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Thank you! "Breaking Down"
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Old 3rd April 2021, 08:10 AM
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I love him.
BREAKING DAWN took some time to grow on me but it did. I was so excited to see HYDE working with him.
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Old 9th November 2022, 01:13 AM
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Fallingbow was suppose to be out on 9th. I was looking forward to it so much, cuz love some of the songs on it, but since spotify wiped out every Japanese release from him on my country’s music apps, a couple of years ago, i got reminded that i won’t be able to enjoy it. I literally want to cry. This is BS, so you can grant the license to one country but not the other? What kind of crap is this?
I guess some of us will have to go back to pirating music like it’s 2008.
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Old 9th November 2022, 01:49 AM
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The new album is ok.
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